How to Get Rid of Woodlouse Spider Infestations in Northern Utah

A woodlouse spider spotted in Northern Utah - RentokilIf you think you’ve found a brown recluse in your house, you might actually be dealing with a woodlouse spider. The woodlouse spider is named after the woodlouse, which is its usual prey. Woodlice are also known as roly-polies, pill bugs, or sow bugs.

So, how do you know if you have woodlouse spiders or brown recluses in your home in Northern Utah? And are woodlouse spiders dangerous? Read on to learn more from our spider control experts about the woodlouse spider and what it means when you find them indoors.

What Do Woodlouse Spiders Look Like?

Woodlouse spiders are often confused with brown recluses because of their shape. However, they have a few distinguishing features that will help you tell them apart:

  • Woodlouse spiders have a distinct cream-colored abdomen.
  • Brown recluses have longer legs, and woodlouse spiders’ legs are orange instead of brown.
  • Woodlouse spiders’ heads are more of a deep red than the recluse’s brown head.

Given their similar shapes and the similar places they inhabit, it can be easy to mistake the two for each other. Make sure to watch for these differences to tell them apart.

Are Woodlouse Spiders Dangerous?

It is easy to assume from their menacing appearance that woodlouse spiders are dangerous like the brown recluse. However, they deliver a much milder blow than their look-alikes. Even with their large pinching jaws, woodlouse spider bites are rare, and in the worst cases can only cause itchiness, slight pain, or a mild allergic reaction.

If you find woodlouse spiders in your home, there is no cause for alarm. What this means is that you either have an excess of clutter in your home or yard, or there is an active woodlouse population on your property. To keep them outside, make sure that any cracks or crevices in the structure of your house are sealed, your ventilation systems are working properly, and there are no large gaps around your doors and windows. In general, spiders are drawn to moisture, hiding spaces, and other insects, so keeping a tidy home and yard is the best over-arching spider control plan.

How to Get Rid of Woodlouse Spiders in Northern Utah

Whether you have a woodlouse spider problem or a bunch of brown recluses tucked away in your walls, you can count on your local pest control company to take care of them. The spider control experts at Rentokil are equipped with both the knowledge and techniques to safely and effectively remove spiders in residential or commercial settings. For a free quote on spider control, reach out to our team today!