Avoid These Two Spiders This Fall

Black widows are a dangerous spider in Northern Utah - RentokilSpiders are a common pest throughout the year here in Northern Utah, but they are certainly more common in the late summer and early fall months. Most spiders hatch in the springtime, begin to reproduce in the summer and are at full force by the time August and September roll around. Just like any other pest, spiders will crawl indoors to seek out food, water, and shelter. The good news is that most of these “house” spiders are completely harmless. That said, there are two spiders, in particular, to look out for this fall: the black widow and the brown recluse. The experts at Rentokil are here with expert info on spiders this fall.

Utah Spiders in the Fall

Like any other pest, spiders can get inside through the tiniest of cracks in your home. Broken screens or crevices in your doors and windows often let spiders in. An unkempt yard or lawn will invite spiders to your property. You may also notice more spiders when you have other bugs and insects on your property. Spiders will be more drawn to properties that provide them with shelter and food (other insects) inside the home. Keeping your home clean enough to prevent other bugs will work to prevent spiders, as well.

Black widow vs brown recluse infographic - Rentokil in Northern Utah and Southern IdahoThe Dangers of Black Widows and Brown Recluse Spiders

Most spiders are poisonous in the sense that they contain venom. But most spiders are not capable of biting humans and transmitting this venom. That said, there are two spiders in particular that are of more danger to you and your family:

  1. Black widows
    1. These spiders have a characteristic red hourglass shape on its body.
    2. They build sticky, tangled cobwebs in garages, sheds, and near the ground.
    3. They can bite when they feel threatened.
  2. Brown recluse spiders
    1. Brown recluses have a darker brown hourglass shape on their brown bodies.
    2. They build loose, dome-shaped webs for shelter.
    3. A brown recluse bite is known to be very painful.

Spider Infestations in Your Home

We all have to deal with seeing a spider here or there from time to time. But no one should have to deal with daily sightings or dangerous spiders inside their home. If you need help controlling spiders on your property this fall, the team at Rentokil can help!