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A spider on its web in Northern Utah - Specialized Pest Control & Lawn Care Have you been seeing more spiders in your house than usual lately? Here in Northern Utah, this can happen to just about anyone. There are a number of reasons why spiders could be flocking to your house, so it’s important to learn them all to figure out the best spider prevention plan for your house. The technicians at Specialized Pest Control & Lawn Care are here to teach you how to get rid of house spiders in your home—read on!

What Attracts Spiders in Northern Utah?

Different species of spiders vary in their preferred habitats, so you have to look out for a few different factors that could be attracting spiders. There are several types of environments that might be causing your current spider outbreak: Moist: Some spiders are attracted to excess moisture or humidity. Make sure to keep your bathroom properly ventilated and look out for leaks in your plumbing fixtures. Dry: On the other hand, many spiders prefer dry environments like vents, attics, and hidden corners and cracks in our homes. We know just how dry Northern Utah can be! Messy: Spiders can find two crucial necessities around clutter: places for shelter and insects to feed on. A messy home can quickly lead to a spider infestation.

How to Get Rid of Wasps in Northern Utah

Preventing wasps is one thing, but wasp removal is a different story. Many people ask us how to get rid of wasps with vinegar or other homemade solutions, but the truth is, wasp removal is best handled by professionals. If you find a wasp nest on your property, here are the steps you should take:

  • Leave their nest alone. Wasps are easily agitated and will sting you without much warning.
  • Don’t swat them away. When wasps feel threatened, they will release a pheromone that tells other wasps to aid in their attack.
  • Call a wasp removal specialist. A professional pest control technician will know how to get rid of wasps on your property with safe and effective techniques.

Professional Wasp Pest Control

It’s better to play it safe when it comes to wasp removal. Wasp nests can contain dozens of individual wasps, ready to sting repeatedly. If you need wasp pest control in Northern Utah, contact the wasp nest removal experts at Specialized Pest Control & Lawn Care. For a free quote or to learn more about our processes, contact us today!

How to Get Rid of Spiders in Salt Lake County and Northern Utah

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