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How Do I Prepare for Bed Bug Treatment in Northern Utah?

Before your home or business is treated for bed bugs, there are several steps you need to take to prepare your property. More often than not, your professional bed bug exterminator will tell you how to prepare your home

Some of the common preparation steps to take before bed bug treatment include:

  • Make preparations to leave your property for several hours, and to take your pets with you.
  • Try to tidy up your place and reduce the amount of clutter inside your property. 
  • Remove bed linens from mattresses and box springs, and wash them in hot water. 
How do I prepare for bed bug treatment in Northern Utah - Rentokil

Do I Need to Prepare for Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

If you are getting professional bed bug treatment, the company will likely provide you with a list of actions to take before the day of the treatment. These preparation steps can vary depending on the type of bed bug treatment you are receiving. However, some of the most common steps remain the same:

  1. Remove all linens from the bed and other fabrics from your bedrooms. Wash them in the hottest water possible. 
  2. Remove and safely store all personal items that are on your furniture.
  3. Remove everything from closets and drawers, and possibly remove books from their shelves.
  4. Clean or launder all clothing in the hottest water possible and store in clean storage bags for up to two weeks after treatment.
  5. Move items and furniture away from the walls to give access to baseboards.

Post-Bed Bug Treatment Care

Regardless of how long the bed bug treatment takes, you can usually return things to normal within a few hours. Do not shampoo or clean floors for at least three weeks after treatment. In addition, do not replace your bedding until four hours after treatment. After just a week or two, your home should be cleared of bed bug problems. Noticing bed bug activity after this time means it’s time to contact your bed bug exterminator for help again.

How Many Times Do I Need Bed Bug Treatment?

When administered by a professional bed bug exterminator, the bed bug treatment should be effective in just one treatment. However, very serious infestations, especially in hotels and other businesses, can need more than one bed bug treatment to be fully effective. No matter what, always contact your local bed bug exterminator for follow-up if you are still noticing bed bug activity after your treatment.