Wildlife Removal in Northern Utah

Wildlife Control


The proximity of the wilderness in our area creates the issue of wildlife invading our neighborhoods. Wildlife can cause serious problems and damage to homes. Some animals carry disease, destroy property, or may even become aggressive towards humans and pets. We offer wildlife control and wildlife removal for a wide variety of animals.  Larger pests including raccoons can be dangerous and require professional help.


Bird Control Services

We offer several different options for controlling birds in and around your property.  Bird droppings can be a slipping hazard and major sanitation issue as their droppings can carry disease.  Keeping birds from roosting and congregating in areas is what we do.  There are many different humane options available to exclude them from problem areas.  Let us help you in taking care of your bird control issues.


Rock Chuck Removal

Rock chucks are rapidly becoming a problem in our area.  They can damage your property by burrowing in your lawn and landscape, defecating everywhere, and chewing through electrical wires and lines on equipment or other items in your outdoor areas.  Let us aid you in trapping and removing rock chucks before they become a major problem.


Raccoon Removal

Raccoon removal is needed when these wildlife pests find opportunities to rummage through garbage bins or find their way into attic space. Raccoons are extremely troublesome for homeowners. These excellent climbers often nest in attics. Raccoons are strong, and may destroy insulation, siding, pipes, and knock over garbage cans. Rabid raccoons can also be a concern.  Our wildlife removal technicians specialize in removing raccoons from attics and other areas.