Rodent Control

Rodent Exclusion


Rodent control begins with proper rodent exclusion. Rodents invade homes and can be difficult to control when inside. Droppings from mice and rats may carry diseases that become airborne and cause very un-sanitary conditions. The best way to control rodents is to prevent them from entering the house in the first place. That’s why our rodent control services always start with inspecting the home for entry points used by rodents.  Mice are capable of fitting through small holes as little as a quarter inch!  To prevent entrance, these areas are blocked using rodent-proof materials. Rodent exclusion keeps the pest from entering the structure and thereby effectively prevents a rodent infestation from occurring!  This combined with an exterior baiting program provides excellent and long term control.


House Mouse and Rat Control

One of the best methods to eliminate mice once inside the house is trapping. Mice leave signs such as nests, droppings, chewed corners, and dirty, oily marks on frequently traveled areas from the oils on their bodies. Our experts look for these signs to determine the best locations to place traps. We will return to monitor and dispose of any traps triggered by mice and re-bait or re-place traps as needed. Our goal in a mouse control program is to eliminate a mouse infestation before you have to throw away valuable food stuffs and personal items. This combined with exterior baiting and exclusion is critical to getting the problem under control and maintaining a rodent free home.


While rats can also be a problem in Utah, they are far less common than house mice.  If you have a rat issue we have rat control solutions for this rodent as well.


We have been providing thorough and effective rodent control in Utah and Southern Idaho for years!


Vole and Gopher Control

Voles and gophers are very destructive pests that spend most of their time in the fields surrounding our homes during the summer and then move into our landscaped areas under the cover of snow in the winter.  Voles destroy your lawn and create tunnels through your grass as well as build small grass nests found throughout your lawn.  They can also girdle trees and plants at the base and cause un-repairable damage to your landscape.


Gophers will tunnel underneath the grass and push dirt piles up to the surface leaving an unsightly mess.


Whichever pest you have we, have bait stations and baiting options to keep them under control. For rodents and vertebrate pests larger than rats, we offer professional Utah wildlife removal services.