Weed Control

Lawn Weed Control


We provide the best weed control in Northern Utah! Our lawn weed control effectively kills weeds while allowing your grass to thrive. The Specialized Pest Control and Lawn Care season-long programs will reduce and eliminate unwanted weeds in your yard. Our licensed technicians are trained to identify and kill weeds, without damaging your grass, on every regularly scheduled lawn service visit to your property.

Noxious Weed and Pasture Weed Control

Is the city or county making you mow or control weed growth on a property you own?  Do you have natural areas around your house with dyers woad, thistle, or other noxious weeds?  We have weed control solutions to save you a lot of money, hard work, and headache. We can also control grass and other weeds that may come up under your fence line, in your driveway or parking lots, and in your sidewalk cracks.  Call us early to schedule this control because management is much easier on young, immature plants.

Have a pasture full of thistle, dandelions, or other noxious weeds?  We can make an application that will leave you with a pasture of nothing but beautiful green grass. 



Flowerbed Weed Control

Do you spend hours out in your flowerbeds constantly pulling weeds and grass from them?  Call us early in the spring so we can apply a pre-emergent product to prevent the weed and grass seeds from germinating and coming up in your flowerbeds.  It basically creates an invisible and protective weed barrier.  This season-long control will continue with carefully timed follow-up applications throughout the summer.  Let us do your weeding for you before the weeds are even visible.



Bare Ground Weed Control

Have an area on your property that you don’t want any vegetation on at all?  Get rid of fire hazards and growth close to out-buildings and/or homes.  We can kill all weeds and grasses and leave you with nothing but bare ground.  From commercial properties to residences we can eliminate the growth and the need to mow or trim constantly.  Follow up applications will be done at appropriate times if needed for season-long control.



Right of Way Spraying

We are also licensed to do right of way weed control for city, county, or government agencies.