Lawn Watering

Lawn Watering Tips and Information


Turf studies show that most lawns need to be deep watered once every 3-4 days to stay healthy and green.  Watering every day creates shallow roots.  Watering less frequently for longer periods of time develops deeper, stronger roots and a healthier turf.  Water only when needed.  If grass does not spring back after being stepped on, it’s time to water.  Your lawn will also start to have a blue gray tint, or color, if it is too dry.

Watering at night will reduce evaporation loss by up to 20 percent.  Because our climate is typically dry, if you water at night you shouldn’t have mildew or fungus on your lawn, unless you water too much.  Watering in the early morning hours will also prevent mildew and fungus because of the quicker exposure to the sun.

Sprinkler Systems


Millions of gallons of water are wasted every year by poor water management.   Here are a few tips to reduce your water usage and your water bill.

  • Water less frequently before Memorial Day and after Labor Day.  Change the setting on the sprinkler system or leave the system on manual.
  • Turn the system off or flip the rain switch or rain delay on when it rains.
  • Consider installing a rain sensor or arrange to have a neighbor turn off the sprinklers if it rains when you are away from home.


Determine Your Lawn Watering Needs:


  1. Set three or more tuna fish cans at various places on your lawn at least four feet from the sprinkler head.
  2. Turn on your sprinkler(s) for 15 minutes.
  3. Measure the depth of water in each can with a ruler and determine the average depth in the cans.
  4. Match your sprinkler output with the table below.
  5. Water the number of minutes indicated.
  6. Most lawns in Utah need 1 – 1 ½ inches water Spring and Fall, and 2 – 2 ½ inches water Summer per week
  7. Apply ½ – 1 inch of water each time you irrigate



1/4 INCH

3/8 INCH

1/2 INCH

5/8 INCH

3/4 INCH


Spring (water every 4 days)

26 min.

17 min.

13 min.

10 min.

9 min.

6 min.

Summer (water every 3 days)

52 min.

35 min.

26 min.

21 min.

17 min.

13 min.

Fall (water every 4 days)

39 min.

26 min.

19 min.

15 min.

13 min.

10 min.

*In temperatures above 85 degrees watering more than every 3 days may be required