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When it comes to proper lawn care are you not sure what to do, or how to do it? You aren’t alone. There are so many products and options available it can be very confusing. Most people struggle with their lawns and aren’t sure how to maintain their lawns correctly. We can help! Let us be your coach in the world of lawn care, it’s what we do!




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Spring Lawn

Spring Lawn Care

After our harsh winters your lawn needs help in recovering quickly before the heat of summer sets in. We have solutions to get that lawn looking its best in no time at all and programs to keep it at its best. As a highly trusted lawn care company, we specialize in beautifying lawns after long hard winters and keeping them healthy through the summer! Leave it to the experts and save yourself the pain of trial and error.

Lawn Fertilization

Lawn fertilizing doesn’t have to be another line item on your to-do list! Our unique custom lawn fertilizers are blended specifically for the soils in your area. We know what your grass needs to perform its best and resist disease, drought, and insect damage stress. Our trained lawn fertilization technicians will apply the proper amount at appropriate intervals to give your lawn that look you want all summer long. We use high quality slow release granular products to feed your lawn all summer long when it needs it the most. Our products aren’t short lived like most liquid fertilizers are and aid in maintaining your lawn’s rich green color throughout the year. Say goodbye to the traditional liquid “weed and feed”, it’s not the best option for your lawn. Let us show you something better!

Lawn Weed Control

Dandelions and other unsightly weeds in your lawn can become a thing of the past when you use our weed control services. We have great solutions for all of the tough and hard to kill weeds common in turf. Let us take care of your lawn’s weed problems and make it a better place to kick off your shoes!

Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration

Soils that experience heavy traffic become compacted. This makes it difficult for grass to grow, absorb water, and facilitates the spread of weeds. Our lawn aeration service makes conditions more suitable for your grass to thrive. We can make sure your lawn is properly aerated for the best lawn watering and growing conditions.

Lawn Insect Control

Lawn Insect Control

Pests can cause severe damage to turf. Some of the most troublesome lawn pests in Utah are white grubs, billbugs, and sod webworms. Larvae eat turf, leaving dead patches all over your lawn. Our lawn insect control treatments destroy these pests by treating the turf at the correct times throughout the season.

Commercial Lawn Care

Commercial Lawn Care

We provide commercial lawn care to facilities throughout Northern Utah. We provide lawn care for businesses, public areas, churches, schools, hospitals, and many other locations. We focus on keeping lawns green and free of weeds or lawn damaging insects. Our commercial lawn care services make your business look more attractive to customers while saving water! The healthier the lawn at your facility is the less water it will use. No matter what your budget may be, we can develop a program that will give you the results you deserve for a price that works.